When inquiring about one of our puppies, we ask that you please fill out our puppy questionnaire.

Please answer truthfully, none of these questions will be a reason why you DON'T get a puppy, rather think of them as points for topics of discussion between you and I.

As a breeder, my puppies are extremely important to me and I want to ensure their long term health & happiness, filling out this questionnaire will allow me to see if one of my puppies is right for you!


Kyle Blue

Never have I seen such obedient dogs. Amazingly fast learners. Vice & Virtue has given me more than my best friend. There is constant contact, advice and genuine concern over my pups health.

Kallan Farthing

I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity Joelie gave us with Miss Harper she is beautiful and so sweet very intelligent puppies

Miriam Patterson

Love love love the panda puppy we got out of Galaxy’s litter! She has so much drive and is so well behaved