Dog Training

Dog Training


We are now licensed and insured to be able to provide you and your dog with the best training and care possible!

We have several options for training based on you and your dog's needs. We take pride in knowing that we tailor each dogs training to them and their needs, as each dog is indeed an individual!

Board and Train

Basic Obedience- 1500$ 3-4 weeks

  • Best for puppies 16 weeks and older (puppies must have proof from their veterinarian of ALL puppy vaccines)
  • Best for dogs who haven't had any obedience training and need a jump start before training is maintained at home
  • Builds the foundation on sit, down, place, kennel training and loose leash walking in the home

Advanced Obedience- 2000$ 4 weeks

  • Must have completed basic obedience with us or have an evaluation prior to booking
  • Best for dogs who are 1-2 years old and want to build on their foundation of obedience training to take it to the next level
  • Continues on sit, down, place, kennel training and loose leash walking outside of the home

Private Lessons- 800$ 8 weeks

  • Best for dogs who are anxious or have behavioral problems that are home-specific, anxious or nervous dogs that wouldn't do well out of the home, or if you simply can't imagine spending time away from your dog!
  • Best for puppies who aren't old enough for board and train (16 weeks and younger)
  • Hour long sessions once a week in your home or out in public