Puppy Training Programs

Puppy Training Programs

I am elated to be able to offer the following training programs to my clients, the benefits of having a professional dog trainer work with your puppy are countless! It should be noted that these programs are intended to start your puppy off on the right foot and get a head start on training to make YOUR life easier, however, completion of any of these programs does not equate to a fully trained dog. (Remember, your puppy is still a puppy!) Failure to follow the directions of the trainer can result in poor performance of the puppy. I also enjoy making these programs able to be customized (within reason) to my clients and am happy to begin foundations of service commands if needed.

Starter Puppy Program

2-4 weeks at 400$ per week

  • Foundations of obedience, sit, down, come, place
  • Foundations of loose leash walking
  • Foundations of crate training (able to be in crate 1-2 hours)
  • Foundations of potty training
  • Proper socialization including 3-5 field trips

Extended Puppy Program

5-8 weeks at 350$ per week

  • Building on basic obedience commands of sit, down, come, place, and adding "touch", "leave it", and "out" as well as beginning to work on "stay"
  • Building on loose leash walking and the puppy's ability to stay at your heel
  • Building on crate training (able to be in crate up to 4 hours)
  • Building on potty training and house manners
  • Proper socialization including 6-9 field trips