Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How many dogs do you have?

While the number of dogs I have is constantly changing, my goal is to have no more than 12 breeding dogs at a time.

What sort of health testing do you do?

We Embark test our dogs for over 160 genetic diseases to help produce the healthiest puppies possible. We also screen our dogs hips with OFA or Pennhip. Looking at our breeding dogs genetic health and hips allows us to make informed decisions about how best to breed them.

How much experience do you have with German Shepherds?

I have personally been working with German Shepherds since early 2013, they have been a part of my every day life ever since.

What is a Panda German Shepherd?

Back in 2000, two purebred GSDs (one registered with the AKC, the other with the German Shepherd Club Of Germany) were bred together and produced a litter that included a puppy with symmetrical white markings on her muzzle, chest, collar, belly, tail tip, and forelock. The puppy was named “Franka.”

The breeder had the University of California/Davis study a sample of Franka’s DNA which found the puppy to be a purebred German Shepherd Dog. However, further tests concluded that the cause of her remarkable coloring was the result of mutation of the KIT gene.

The KIT gene controls cell functions, and in Franka’s case, it inadvertently affected color. It’s believed that KIT mutated dogs can’t “carry” the gene with out expressing it. Unless a puppy randomly mutates the gene, one parent has to have a phenotypical (or visible) KIT mutation to produce offspring with the Panda coloring.

UC/Davis wrote of the mutation that in its “homozygous state, the Panda mutation is considered an early embryonic lethal as no live dogs with the pattern and with two copies of the mutation have been observed. Put another way, pups homozygous for the Panda mutation don’t develop in the uterus and are reabsorbed very early on.

Do you sell your puppies with breeding rights?

I will be selling all of my puppies with LIMITED AKC registration with the option to lift to FULL registration once appropriate health testing is done and the dog is deemed appropriate by me for breeding. (embark test & Hip x-rays)

I haven't ever had a German Shepherd, how do I know if the breed is right for me?

German Shepherds are great dogs, however they are very strong willed and would require a substantial amount of training for a first time owner. I absolutely recommend the breed, but be sure to do your research or speak with me directly to see if one would be right for you!